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Riverside, CA

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About Riverside

Known as the birthplace of California’s citrus industry, Riverside was founded in the 1870s. The city even contains one of the two original navel orange trees in all of California. This city is also known for being the home to Mission Inn, making it a city with much history and culture. Riverside is also a popular place of residence among families and young professionals.
Riverside, a city in Riverside County, is part of Greater Los Angeles. It was named “Riverside” due to the fact that it sits beside the Santa Ana River. This city is situated in the Inland Empire metropolitan area and is the most populated city in that area.
Riverside has a similar vibe to Los Angeles but with a bit more space and comfort – Riverside has as hefty a focus on their parks and recreational areas as they do their shopping districts. While the city frequently points out “Business First,” they continue to make sure the more soothing, nature-focused areas aren't lost to the hustle and bustle of the city.

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