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in Harrisburg, PA
Unique Limousine caused us to miss wedding rehearsal party!
Never enter into a verbal agreement with Unique Limousine Service in Lancaster, PA. They quoted one price & charged more than we agreed upon. When we called them on the overcharge the woman claimed i talked to someone else & that person was gone for the day & she could not give me a set price. I told her I had not authorized a charge that large and if she didn't charge me the agreed upon amount to cancel and refund my money. She said fine & kept my money anyway. I am currently attempting to get my money back through the credit card company. we were unable to attend the rehearsal dinner because we couldn't afford an amount more than we agreed upon. Beware! Apparently Limo services get away with this all the time. They don't tell you on the phone that once they've got your credit card number you essentially have given them whatever deposit they choose to pay themselves and unless you have something in writing from them with the agreed upon set amount, you are screwed, because the deposit they neglect to mention they are paying themselves is also non-refundable. They asked me for an email address & i told them i wasn't near a computer so i wouldn't receive it, but she insisted in case they needed to reach me later about anything. So i provided an email address which they apparently sent the cancellation and refund policy to knowing I would not be able to receive an e-mail until the following week.

When i requested the service be cancelled because they voided the contract for service by charging an amount i did not agree to, they should have told me then they had no intention on refunding me my money. Instead she said fine when i said cancel and refund my money. If they had told us they would not refund our money, we would have used the service anyway rather than give them our hard earned money.

I don't have money to give away, i don't know about any of you. But $244.00 is a lot of money for someone to receive without providing a service. The service was cancelled hours before the driver was scheduled
in Harrisburg, PA
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in Lancaster, PA
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