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Demotte, IN

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August 17, 2010

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im the juggernaut bitch

Favorite Restaurant

In my spare time I...
xbox, movies, tv, work

People Say I...
am funny

Favorite Travel Place
greenfield, in

Favorite Band
pink floyd

Favorite Movie

Favorite Book
food and beer

With extra money I buy...
gas and hotels

My best childhood memory...
being young

My parents always told me...
whatever doesnt kill you only makes u stronger

Louis H
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simply the best, forget the rest
They just came right in and did the very best job anyone could ask for. I just loved these guys. no homo. but seriously TRUE PROFESSIONALS!!!!
in Zionsville, IN
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Yeah, it's kinda like kindergarten where everyone wins a prize. A warm welcome to you. Congrats, you have earned the welcome Kudos.
in Demotte, IN