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San Diego, CA

Member Since
April 14, 2008

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Favorite Restaurant
Sushi Ota

Tags that describe me
marketing, interactive, internet, advertising, SEO, SEM, Partnerships, email marketing, affiliate marketing, marketing consultant, branding, surfing, hiking, biking, running, tennis, golf, travel,

In my spare time I...
Serves as a Consultant & Board Advisor to start ups, Serve as a iMarketers Association Council Member, Mentor as a Big Brother, SURF, play golf and have fun

People Say I...
am fun, outgoing, passionate, and full of positive energy

Favorite Travel Place

Favorite Band

Favorite Movie
Point Break

Favorite Book
Good to Great

With extra money I buy...
Surf wax

My best childhood memory...
Scoring my first soccer goal @ 6

My parents always told me...
Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.

Lee M
Lifes short, make it count! Only work with businesses that have great Mojo!
Level 14
Voted for Street Noyz
Awesome service, quality and experience. Highly recommended
These guys are great. They did an outstanding job putting in a hands free parrot / blue tooth system in my Volvo. They had the best price on the parrot system (I looked at amazon, ebay, costco, walmart and others) and beat the product price by $25.00. I could not be happier with the price, and installation. Itl looks totally pro and works great. I am very happy with the value and quality. I will go back for any other auto audio needs.
in San Diego, CA
Level 14
Lee M unlocked the First To Review Kudos
You have explored territory where no other Mojoer has dared venture. We bestow on you the great honor of the First to Vote Kudos.
in San Marcos, CA
Level 14
Voted for Johnny Carpet Care
They throw cigarette butts out the window
Don't use these guys. I was behind their truck 2 blocks from the beach in Cardiff and the driver threw his cigarette butt out the window. Please keep our streets and oceans clean. That butt is going right into the ocean!
in San Marcos, CA
Level 14
Voted for Pipes Cafe
Best N. County Breakfast & awesome lunch
Best N. County Breakfast. Pipes is great for breakfast and lunch. Great portions, great quality. Best spot to fuel up for a surf session!
in Cardiff By The Sea, CA
Level 14
Sent Thiago F Brilliant
in San Diego, CA
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