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Oceanside, CA

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October 2, 2011

Judith C
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Sent Judith C En Fuego
in La Jolla, CA
Level 3
Judith C unlocked the Pampered Kudos
You really worked hard for this award. You had to endure manicures, spa treatments and massages. Congrats, the Pampered Kudos are much deserved.
in Pala, CA
Level 3
Judith C unlocked the Foodie Kudos
You've earned the Foodie Kudos because you like to eat out. A lot. But best of all, you like to share the best places to go. (And if you need some help working off some of those calories, you can earn the the Buff Kudos, Running Store Kudos or Bike Store Kudos.)
in Pala, CA
Level 3
Judith C unlocked the Road Warrior Kudos
You've checked in, checked out and given your opinion. Like all those miles, you've earned the road warrior kudos
in Pala, CA
Level 3
They're All Good
Whatever you're in the mood for they have it. We've tried itall andhaveneverbeen disappointed
in Pala, CA
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