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San Diego, CA

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July 6, 2010

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The Ould Sod

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Eat, Drink and be Merry

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Read as much as I can

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Anywhere with a beach

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Rachel's Holiday by Marian Keyes

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Books and Shoes

Ellie M
Live and Let Live
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in San Diego, CA
Level 11
Voted for The Tractor Room
Huge portions
I went to The Tractor Room as part of a Meetup brunch, it was my first time there and I was impressed with it. It was very crowded since it was Sunday, but we were seated at our reserved time in a very comfortable area outside with a heat lamp keeping us warm.

The waiting area has picnic tables, complimentary water and coffee and even a ping pong table, makes the wait go by a lot faster.

The menu is definitely for meat lovers with elk, boar and buffalo among the choices. It was difficult to choose, since the also have flapjacks and french toast for those wanting something sweet instead of savory. The portions are huge, depending on how much you eat, each plate can be the equivalent of 2 or 3 meals, so be prepared to take a lot of food home.

They do give you as many boxes as you need to take your food, and you can also ask for a paper bag to take all your boxes.

Parking will be a challenge so be prepared, with some luck you'll find parking, otherwise you might need to get in pay parking lots.

The food was very good and the drinks looked great. If you have claustrophobic tendencies avoid being seated inside, it's very crowded and dark. Great place for brunch!
in San Diego, CA
Level 11
Vintage Items
This is not a very thrifty store, the items are highly priced but you can find many vintage items and antiques in very good shape.

As you walk through the store you can see books, clothing and interesting things resting on chairs or tables. The overall effect is very homey and feels like walking through an attic (minus the dust)
in San Diego, CA
Level 11
Voted for Antique Row Cafe
Antique Row
This is a very cool restaurant with unique decor and a huge menu, it's very hard to decide what to get. I went there with my Mom and Sister for breakfast and we all left with dogie bags, the portions were very generous.

The service was very good and the food itself was tasty and was great when we re-heated it the next morning and had another full breakfast.

The prices themselves are on the high side, our check was $40 for 3 people and we only ordered a breakfast item and a coffee each, no dessert or anything special. The again considering it served to feed us twice, I can say it was a good deal.
in San Diego, CA
Level 11
Voted for Toronado San Diego
So many beers, so little time!
I can't believe I've passed this bar so many years and never been to it...until now! I went there for a meetup event and was very pleasantly surprised.

The beer selection is very wide, which is perfect for me, but not for someone who doesn't like beer. This time I didn't get to try their food, but the beers on tap are priced from $5 and above.

They have several specials, for example on Mondays local beers on tap are $3!! And I saw signs about several other events during the month.

The place itself is small in the front with a back area that has more room and several long picnic type benches to sit on. The atmosphere is relaxed and it's the kind of place you can spend many hours drinking, eating and chatting with friends.
in San Diego, CA
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