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May 15, 2011

Carol43 B
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Is now MAVEN of Athol
in Athol, MA
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A Strong Bit Review for Mark @ Larry's Meat Market, Athol, MA
To Mark:

Would we vote for you? Yes, Yes, Yes, and for many reasons:
Your interest in your customer
Your explanations with detail about meat ordered
Your super ability to get high-quality Leg of Lamb,
cut exactly as ordered!
Excellent over other places that sell meat!
Your readiness with what we ordered on a certain day
Oh, that Rib Roast - we've never, never had such
a delicious, most delicious one (Easter Dinner)
We are still eating the leftovers, fresh as ever
Your fresh, crisp veggies and other excellent meats
Your excellent cold cuts
Mil Gracias, Mark, and crew, from both of us
Paul and Carol Bradford, Orange, MA
We highly recommend you!
in Athol, MA