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Tucson, AZ

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June 10, 2010

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China Star

In my spare time I...
live at Safehouse E-bar and ride my 2001 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic 800

Favorite Travel Place
WA State: Seattle and Spokane

Favorite Band
Too many to pick just one!

Favorite Movie
Save the Last Dance

Favorite Book
The Woman Who Loved Reindeer

With extra money I buy...
what extra money???

My best childhood memory...
Singing to the cows at feeding time at the barn...

My parents always told me...
to be myself.

Aindrea M
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Level 3
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Level 3
Another treasure cove...
I love this place. The inventory has been downsized over the years, but I still find so much. I bought a working spinning wheel a while back, and so much more. I just wish they were open more regularly.
in Tucson, AZ
Level 3
Great hidden treasures
This place is very small, but it is packed with so many great treasures! I always find something there. With so much to see, I know I never catch everything, so it becomes an adventure every time! :) Great little haunt!
in Tucson, AZ
Level 3
Great old-timey stuff... and more...
I love this place! There are so many booths to look at and hidden treasures. I have purchased so many fun and practical items from a working treadle sewing machine, to a clawfoot bathtub, a beautiful ballerina print, and an English riding saddle, just to name a few. The people are friendly, and I enjoy the hunt!
in Tucson, AZ
Level 3
Voted for Speedway Outlet
I love the things I find...
Speedway Outlet always has great deals. I have found some surprising deals on leather wear! :) I also like the fact the store proceeds support our military veterans. Speedway Outlet is a Tucson treasure house!
in Tucson, AZ
Level 3
Voted for Savers
Savers lives up to their name!
I spend lots of time at this Savers location due to its close location to my home. There are always new "old" things put out daily, so I am always finding great bargains. I love the weekly color tag specials and the fact the moneys gained through the store support local charities, as do all Savers locations.
in Tucson, AZ