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Saint Louis, MO

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About Saint Louis

What do the city of St. Louis, Missouri, and a French king have in common? Their name, of course. This now major United States port was founded by early French explorers and named after King Louis IX of France. Later, St. Louis hosted the Louisiana Purchase Exposition and was home to the 1904 Olympics. Today, St. Louis keeps the international vibe alive as the largest population of Bosnian immigrants. St. Louis is home to international Fortune 500 companies, such as Express Scripts and Monsanto.
One of the primary economic drives of St. Louis is the tourism industry. The recognizable Gateway Arch in eclectic Downtown St. Louis is a large draw. Aside from this famous landmark, St. Louis can brag over the three professional sports teams that call the city home: the popular baseball team St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Blues of the National Hockey League, and St. Louis Rams of the NFL.

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