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Oklahoma City, OK

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The Suburban Northside area of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, consists of various neighborhoods. The Belle Isle Corridor, Nichols Hills, and The Village are the three most well-known of these areas. The Belle Isle is considered to be a middle class, midcentury neighborhood. It is hemmed in by Penn Square Mall and the Integris Baptist Medical Center. The City of Nichols Hills lies north of the Belle Isle area and is an extremely affluent community. Here the designer houses stand along tree-lined streets, boutique shops abound, most the restaurants only serve gourmet options, and the country club is a members-only deal. Even though there are other equally wealthy areas of Oklahoma City, Nichols Hills is prominent due to the community's sheer extravagance. The City of Village is to the north of Nichols Hills and is a middle class post-World War II neighborhood that is often overshadowed by Nichols Hills. Property values in the Village area are continually increasing due to its proximity to Lake Hefner and the Nichols Hills neighborhood.

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