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Lake City, FL

About Lake City

Located between Jacksonville and Tallahassee, Lake City, Florida is a midsize city will all the charm and hospitality anyone would expect from the Southeastern United States. Originally established in the 19th Century by Seminole Indians, Lake City once was named Alpata Telophka, which means Alligator Village. Lake City’s history runs as deep as its charm. During the Civil War, the Battle of Olustee transpired near Lake City, and was the only major battle fought on Florida soil. As time passed, the railroad moved through the area and commerce began to ignite Lake City to a strong economic city.
Today, Lake City is home to just over 12,000 residents, two historic districts, a variety of lakes, and borders the Osceola National Forest. A haven for visitors and residents, Lake City has something to offer everyone. Convenient in proximity to Interstate 10 and Interstate 75 make Lake City convenient to many surrounding areas as well.

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