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Bryan, TX

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About Bryan

Known around the world along with College Station as the home of the Texas A & M Fighting Aggies, Bryan, Texas is home to around 77,000 residents. Bryan has a vibrant downtown area that is central to this city that is located deep in the heart of central Texas. Many of the buildings downtown have been restored to their glory days from the 1950's.

Residents here love the subtropical climate with short winters and long, hot summers. Football is king here in Texas, and not just Texas A & M football, as high school football is also huge in this area where Friday night lights means it's time for football. You can also rest assured that the stands are packed with students, parents, and grandparents.

This is a conservative community, even for state as politically red as Texas. Texas A & M University and the Bryan Independent School District are the largest area employers. There is plenty of nightlife here for the younger set and a wealth of things to do for the older set.

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