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200 Westminster Mall, Westminster, CA 92683
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Starbucks is located in Westminster . They can be reached by calling (714) 657-1351 or going to their website . They accept Discover, Cash. Starbucks has a total of 3 reviews, 1 positive review and 2 negative reviews.
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Just tried to return a clock I got for Christmas at Target
Just tried to return a clock I got for Christmas at Target Westminster Mall. The clock worked for about 15 minutes, then stopped. On my way to Target I would have never dreamed I would experience what was about to take place from a company that goes by the slogan-"expect more, pay less"
The clock in question is a retro flip clock sold for $20 as a holiday "great gift." I did not have a receipt of any kind, but I was still not at all worried about having a problem, after all the merchandise was defective, and it came in a red and white target great gifts logo box with a label on the bottom stating "Distributed by Target Corp" Well, I ended up having a big problem, when the top manager on Duty told me very sternly that they could not return the clock.
She gave me an explanation that all revolved around the computer telling her that she could not help me, the "great gift" was no longer in the system and had 0 value. Let me get this right, they are completely uncountable for Christmas-how silly of me-holiday gifts once the season is over? It was not like I was returning some defective Sony radio that could have been purchased anywhere, this was a clock radio with packaging just screaming Target!!!!! The two things that seem so strange to me about this encounter is that Target has no accountability for the sale and a manager claiming she is totally accountable to a computer. Wow. I know Costco and Wal-Mart would never pull that with a customer, not to mention a major dept store like Nordstrom.
I know that Target has been burned by people that didn't have receipts before, I worked for Target for a long time during college and high school, I have seen the scams that people pull, but I always felt great when a customer (do they still call them guests?) that was in a pinch, got the benefit of the doubt. That was when you saw a customer for life leaving the store. I understood the argument the manager hit me with, but I just don't agree; to not stand behind your "holiday" products at all seems a little greedy to me. I am out the clock, and they get to keep the $20 no questions asked, and I mean no questions asked, just ask the computer that seems to run this company.
The store manager gave me a customer service hot line to call(18004400680), that sadly ended with the same conclusion. The rep was very nice to me until she heard that the product was a "great gift"; she shut down the -what can I do for you sir talk- as fast as they sold my aunt the clock in the first place.
Is it so hard to believe that a receipt could get lost in the holiday shuffle? I did not want cash, I just wanted some store credit so I could buy another cheep clock.
I guess I am just going to have to "expect more" from Target and "pay less" at some other stores, at least they will stand behind their products. I kept getting the thought in my head as I drove home that old Man Potter must be running Target (yes, the evil Christmas hating, scrooge like miser from "It's a Wonderful life".) OK, a strange melodramatic association to go with my overly melodramatic review, but if there was a target in Potterville, it would be run like the one at Westminster mall.

Recommended: Yes
locked up

locked up

Saturday, November 14, 2009
Don't park more than 3 aisles from the front door if you plan
Don't park more than 3 aisles from the front door if you plan on doing a lot of shopping or getting a big item. Because after only 3 aisles the shopping carts lock and your SOL especially if you're alone. They need to extend the boundary to actually include their parking lot. I had to drag my full locked cart 4 aisles. Realistically who can get within 3 aisles at a mall?

Recommended: Yes


Monday, August 25, 2008
The first Target I've ever been too that is 2 stories and has
The first Target I've ever been too that is 2 stories and has virtually everything you need. Love it!!

Recommended: Yes
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