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The Palace Dry Cleaners, Shoe Repair & Alterations

10039 University City Blvd, Ste H, Charlotte, NC 28213
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Shoe Repair Dry Cleaners & Alterations
Products and Services:
  • Shoe Repairs dry cleaners& Alterations
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Shoe Repairs & Alteraions
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Thursday, November 17, 2011
Bad shoe repair- Owner told me to never call again!
My mother had some boots repaired at this place. She picked them up a couple days later. All was well. However, 3 hours after wearing the boots, the heel that had been nailed in fell off.

She later called the store, and the owner claimed that he did a good job repairing (which he obviously didn't considering it fell apart after 3 hours) and refused to give a refund. Whatever happened on the phone really upset my mother. She claimed he was mean to her, scary, and sounded paranoid.

I thought I would call to talk to the owner myself. On the phone I explained the situation and all the owner was asking was "Who's this? Who's this?". I hung up.

He called me about a minute later, so I asked if this was the shoe repair in case I had a wrong number. He immediately demanded that I never call again, and repeated this multiple times. He sounded mean and paranoid just like my mother had explained to me.

Some customer service, if you could even call it that considering the fact that he didn't even consider what I had to say and just rejected it all together.

Anyways, I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau about this because it is unacceptable.

I advise you to never visit this place. Something is clearly wrong.
Price Range: $10 - $25
Recommended: No
Level 2
Wednesday, August 10, 2011
unsatisfied customer
I was charged 50 dollars to put a peice of cardboard in the bottom of my handbag.......and then was told to get out. I would never ever come here!
Price Range: $50 - $100
Recommended: No
Level 2
Sunday, July 24, 2011
Super great service
I just visited The Palce Cleaners, and they were so great. I had dropped off some clothing to be washed, and my favorite pair of shoes for repair, and wow the repaires were spectacular, my shoes were all busted up, but they replaced the sole, and left them looking new. I liked how the cobbler is right there to help you with your shoe repairs. Also the clothes were all cleaned and packaged nicely. If you get to go there you will see how convenient and time saving it is to drop off all the cleaning, shoe repairs and alterations in one location, plus the people are really nice, I think they are a family run business so they are really friendly. I personally recommended this business.
Price Range: $1 - $5
Recommended: Yes
Friday, July 22, 2011
Horrible Service
I came in for shoe repair (heel tip) and dropped off some garments as well. I was really excited to be able to do both things at one place. The nice young man who took my items was very pleasant and helpful. However, when I arrived home I noticed that my shoes had been damaged. There were scratched and indentations all over the heel that looked as if someone had taken something resembling pliers to them (possibly to hold the shoe while putting the heel tip on). I then noticed that one of the polo shirts I had taken in had some sort of color discoloration (like red dye was spilled on one side and the sleeve). The owner came out, very defensive, and refused to even consider that the shoes had been damaged there and insisted that the polo I had brought in (worn only once) already had the stain/dye on it. Needless to say, I will not be returning here.
Price Range: $25 - $50
Recommended: No
Level 1
Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Response to Danielle M from The Palace Cleaners
First of all your mom is was lying to you. Second of all you just said that the whole reason you called and argued was because of something your mother told you. She used you just to get back at us. How can you call a business and be disrespectfull based on words from your mom, you had never even seen the shoes repaired. You need to proof read. You just said the entire reason why your upset is because you mom told you we did a bad job, not becuase you actually saw the repairs and were disatisfied with th job. You called 4 friggin times asking for the same refund. How could we possivbly do that over the phone. we told you to bring the shoes by our store so thta we could handle the situation accordingly, but you basically wanted a freebie not a real compenstaion for your "dosatisfaction". Leave us alone, stop the reviews if you keep antagonizing us we seek legal action. You obviously have nothing better to do with your time than bother a family buyisness. You and your mother are not even after a refund anymore, all you both want is to ruin our image. In america people are samrt l. If you were not happy with the shoe repairs isnt it logical to physically stop by our store in order to resolve the issue not call us countless times. Stop bothering hard working people, and like i said give it a rest, you obviously sisnt handle this situation like an adult, all you are doing is nagging in these reviews. and not searching for a solution.
This happened ages ago. Who do you think you are. With that said all you had to do was stop by our place and she u th repirs, if we had seen a genuine reason to redo the repairs we would have, but certainly not o=ver the phone. the guy at our store told you to bring the shoes but you just kept on arguing and calling endlessly, no wonder he told you to stop calling any normal person would. Stop yor bickering and leave us be and if not well call the police on you. At this point you are just trying to hurt our image not solving you problem.
Price Range: $1 - $5
Recommended: Yes
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