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Soyodo Llc

1245 Mountain View Alviso Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94089
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This business is categorized as a Bookstores business. Soyodo Llc is located in Sunnyvale. They can be contacted by calling (408) 400-0222 . They have a single review on, and it's a negative review.
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Friday, August 28, 2009
not so good bookstore
I bought some movies for my parents (They only understand chinese) but found out that I can not play it in my dvd player. When I asked them, they said it can only played in chinese-made dvd player. But they do sell some kind of supersonic dvd player. Claimed to be able to play all kinds of their movies ( I suspect they are piracy). I then bought one, it was broken within one month. And then I got exchanged another one, then it was broken within 4 months again. This time, they refused to exchange it. Now I have a broken dvd player and a bunch of dvds that can only be played on that dvd player.

The place do have a lot of low-quality chinese stuff. But compared to their quality, it is not cheap at all. One dvd is now $5 but sometimes you can only view once. More expensive than blockbuster renting. The books are also not cheap any more,$1.5 for one thin children book which has one one stopry printed. And the quality is suspecious. I have to come back here sometimes since I need some chinese movie to entertain my parents. But if they are not here, I really don;t want to come back again.

Anther thing is that for movies, if you pay cash, they don't ask for tax. It might save you some quaters, but I suspect they do that to avoid tax.

The saleperson kept changing. Some are ok, some are very cold.

Recommended: Yes
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Primary Phone: (408) 400-0222