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Raleigh Knowledge Beginnings

10741 Forest Pines Dr., Raleigh, NC 27614
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Each day, Knowledge Beginnings provides a balanced approach to learning - giving parents the comfort of knowing their child will have fun as he develops socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Our goal is to prepare children for their school years through age-appropriate lesson plans.

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Friday, January 25, 2008
KB is a Great School - it's more than a Daycare...
Our son has been going to KB since an infnat and he has excelled because of the education and the teachers who care. He's almost 2 now and you'd think he was older because of how much he's grown and developed because of KB and the reinforcement at home with Mom and Dad. The teachers/staff are great with the children. The curriculum, yes there is a curriculum daily, weekly, that changes every few months, for all age groups from infants to preschool... it is targeted not only for the general age group of the class but teachers will focus on helping those not quite there or challenge those who are beyond that point, in different ways. The children go to different stations throughout the school during the week, like real school even as a toddler - Science, Arts, Drama, Reading. They have playtime outside daily (weather permitting). They provide breakfast, lunch and 2-3 snacks daily.

KB isn't cheap but for the experiences and the education our son is getting we wouldn't want him to be anywhere else. If you can afford it, and you live in the Wake Forest area - look into Knowledge Beginnings in Wakefield behind the Krogers. Open from 7am - 6pm.

Another thing we have really come to enjoy is they are open on most federal holidays that some others will use as teacher days so Mom and Dad can have a day to catch up while he goes to school. Also KB is open between the Christmas and New Years holiday that many other centers aren't, which can be good if you stay home during the holidays or have to work between the holidays.

Recommended: Yes


Wednesday, October 24, 2007
For people that are interested in childcare or puting your
For people that are interested in childcare or puting your child in a preschool facility, you should definitely look into Knowledge Beginnings. My child is now 4 years old, and has been attending Knowledge Beginnings since he was a toddler. Everyday I realize how much I appreciate the warm, loving atmosphere that he recieves on a daily basis. We are also very proud of the academic strides that he has made since his first year there. On a daily basis he comes home knowing new vocabulary and wanting to show myself and his father all of the exciting new concepts he has learned at school that day. We couldn't think of a better place for him to spend his preschool years other than Knowledge Beginnings. There are a lot of choices in our area, but after comparing them, especially considering staff, atmosphere and especially curriculum. We feel that we have made the best choice for our family and want to encourage other parents to see what Knowledge Beginnings has to offer their child.

Recommended: Yes
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