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Richmond Area Multi-Svc Inc - Yulan Liao MD

3626 Balboa St, San Francisco, CA 94121
Richmond Area Multi-Svc Inc - Yulan Liao MD Mojo 2/ 5
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This business is categorized as a Physicians Assistant business. Richmond Area Multi-Svc Inc - Yulan Liao MD is located in the neighborhood of Outer Richmond in San Francisco. They can be contacted by calling (415) 668-5955 or going to their website . They accept Visa, American Express. for payment. They have a single review on, and it's a negative review.
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Lost my files repeatedly
Lost my files repeatedly

Lost my files repeatedly

Friday, September 11, 2009
Lost records, overbooked appointments, poor followup care.
My intake person never called me back. I specifically asked for both a Dr, and therapist. The new therapist then went on a month long vacation,
She then advised me, that she was leaving in a month.
She stated, someone would call me in the next month or two, and give me a more permanent counselor.
I eventually got a doctor, we were to meet in a month.
He said we only had 30 minutes per visit, and so we would meet again in a month, to finish intake, I logged the date. A week before the appointment, I called to confirm.
I then received a message, from him saying, that I must have been mistaken as there was nothing for me for that whole month. He said that he would, "pencil me in" for a day, the following month. He told me to let him know if the time would work for me.
I had a reminder slip, in his handwriting, saying that we did have an appointment the next week. He said someone had taken his files, and written the wrong appointments in them, then returned them.
I waited all this time, to get in, then waited longer, for the intake to get back from vacation, I waited again to have an intern come back from her month long vacation, I waited some more, to get a Dr. and now I will have to wait another two months, since he forgot my appointment. Meanwhile, all these months later, I still have No therapist, and I still have no doctor (the doctor never finished intake, and now there is over two months before seeing him again, for the thirty minute session!) On the upside, he said that if I needed any medications, I could just have the pharmacy send him a fax, and he'd fill the prescriptions, since he doesn't recall which ones I was taking or why!!!

Pros: nice water cooler.
Cons: There is nothing less than two stars o
Recommended: Yes
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Visa, American Express