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All Natural Hair Shop

2253 Saint Claude Ave., New Orleans, LA 70117
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All Natural Hair Shop is located in the neighborhood of Oak Park New Orleans in New Orleans. They have a single review on, and it's a negative review. They can be reached by calling (504) 943-0666 .
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Saturday, September 27, 2008
Before I begin to express my utter disappointment and contempt
Before I begin to express my utter disappointment and contempt for this business, I will say if you're someone who has dreadlocks and needs them maintained, or if you would like to start them, Jo (owner and stylist) is the person to see. HOWEVER, if you have natural hair, that's not short or locked, you will receive a lot of misinformation from Jo. She noticed that a few pieces of my hair (the ends) were straight, and she suggested that I cut them whenever I got home. When I got into her chair, she proceded to rip my hair out with a brush, while my hair was dry!!! She was aggressive, and I saw clumps of my hair in the brush she used.I know my hair can be a bit unruly, but I would never use a brush on dry, natural hair. Before getting in the chair, I told her I wanted some highlights and I asked her would it be ok to get my hair highlighted after I dyed it a month ago. This is exactly what she said: "Girl, you have natural hair, you can get your hair dyed three or four times in a week if you want, with no damage--I do it." I was completely baffled by her response, and I'm not a person who frequently dyes my hair, but I do know that excessive coloring can damage hair or take it out. The whole reason I even went to her was because of my sister (r.i.p.) and my mom (by the way, they have dreadlocks). After washing, and highlighting my hair, one of her customers mentioned he liked my texture, and we began to chat. While chatting (and I blame myself partly for this), I happened to look on the floor and this woman was cutting my hair!!! Not only have we not discussed her cutting my hair, she had the nerve to take that liberty! When I saw my hair on the floor, I told her to stop cutting immediately, and I asked her what the hell was she thinking?!? Before she botched my hair, when straightened, it was at least 22 inches, and now it's 19 (maybe less). I'm worried to have it straightened because I know I'm going to be even more upset when I see it. When she styles the customer's hair, it's really a work of art, I must say, but unless you have dreadlocks, SHE'S NOT SOMEONE YOU MAY WANT TO CONSIDER FOR YOUR HAIRCARE NEEDS. After the "style" was completed, Jo then put mineral oil (which is detrimental to the hair shaft) in my hair, and she put globs of gel in as well. I usually take very good care of my hair, which is why it grew so much. I know what works for my hair, and what doesn't, and I thought I was clear when speaking to her-I guess not. All I really wanted was a break from doing my own hair, but now I've realized if you want something done right, you will always have to do it yourself.

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