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A.S.A.P. Relocations INC

455 Queens Ln, San Jose, CA 95112
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A.S.A.P. Relocations INC is located in the neighborhood of North San Jose in San Jose. A.S.A.P. Relocations INC was established in A.S.A.P. Relocations INC specializes in Furniture . A.S.A.P. Relocations INC accepts American Express, Visa. as methods of payment. A.S.A.P. Relocations INC can be reached by phone by calling (408) 436-9930 or by going to their website . A.S.A.P. Relocations INC has a total of 38 reviews, 31 positive reviews and 7 negative reviews.
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012
These guys were great, they were friendly, prompt and courteous. From the sales department to the moving crew, Everything arrived in in perfect shape nothing was damaged. They were able to complete my move within one day(6bdrm home). everything was wonderful...."

Price Range: $1,000 - $1,500
Recommended: Yes


Thursday, October 29, 2009
Beware !!!!
our recent move turned into a nightmare when we saw the bill of over 2k. they charged us $1040 for packing material which was insane. they did not give us the customer copy of the contract/invoice. When asked for it they said it will cost $50 for a duplicate. They did not get back to me with any setllement possibility. The manager linda at first was very responsive and heard my story and said she will get back to me but never got back.
They are a SCAM !!! they have got their plan either over charge for the material or lag the move for long hours ... i feel stupid to have not come across this website before and check BBB.
They took 10hrs 20 min for the move , we even provided them lunch and drinks and were charged for thier 40min lunch break. They told us for packing out 60" tv it would be $50 and padding material, tapes , wrap were free. but when they packed our tv, fridge and coffee table top we were charged $1040.
I have sent my complaint BBB , written reviews, talked to the manager . may take the suggestion of the other reviewer about small dispute court

Pros: good service before the move.. but a SCAM
Cons: overcharge for packing material
Recommended: Yes


Sunday, October 18, 2009
Horrible. Criminal. Extortion. Do not use.
Warning, also books under ABM vanlines. Do not use this company. My experience mirrors other recent reviews and I also think any good reviews here are insider posts. Go to better business bureau's website and you'll see they have an F rating (the worst) with 119 complaints (soon to be 120). Unfortunately I did not do that research before booking the move, be smarter than me. In brief, we got a low quote and I talked with them in detail about any additional or hidden costs and was told there were not any, then on the day of the move, they demanded $1500 more than what the bill should have been or they would not unload the truck. They forced my wife to sign all the paperwork after they had the truck at the house with this new price so they've got their scam down in terms of covering themselves with signatures. When I got home the foreman would not let me look at the contract or inventory all of these add'l charges. I should have called the cops, instead I called the company and spoke to the manager, LInda, who said she couldn't do anything without the contract and I should call back tomorrow. I then called 2-3 times/day for a week until she took my call and then she hung up on me after 20 seconds. Awful, awful experiece! You can see on better business bureau that only 1 person out of 120 got any money back so you really have no recourse with them unless you are willing to go to court. They're criminals.

Pros: None
Cons: Extortion. Liars. No customer service.
Recommended: Yes
ripped off by asap

ripped off by asap

Sunday, September 20, 2009
A.S.A.P Relocations is an absolute nightmare and now they are hired out by a company called ABM van lines. I had pre arranged that I would pay after completion of the job. My father was at the origination of pick up storage facility where I had had all my good shipped via container form Hawaii. When the thieves arrived they refused to load items into the truck unless my father initial several boxes one of which was materials were extra. Clearly my possessions made it just fine across an ocean and did not need anything to make this short 62 mile move- they ripped for $300 in packing supplies and god knows how much time they spent taping my locking style tupperware containers at $120 hour! When they arrived at the destination they demanded payment before they would begin unloading. I was still at school teaching and my friend gave them her debit to hold until I arrived with payment.
When I did arrive the guys were unloading tromping through the freshly cleaned rugs with their shoes and no mats were down. I called ABM van lines even though the truck said ASAP relocation since I had made my reservations through them via 123 moversdotcom - A HUGE MISTAKE! From there I was passed onto pea brained Linda who said it wasn't possible to talk te charge off my friend's debit card and charge mine. I had her call , another friend all trying to reason with her , even after we had established with the bank, what number for her to call. All we got was a small minded twit with a power attitude who hung up on us and told us to f- off. Had I known the name of this company and googled it they wouldn't have been able to scam me for the money. On top of insult to injury they were purposefully slow as picking up one small fed ex box and not using the dollies I told them not acceptable and had to hover around to make sure they were even working! The frosting on the cake is they left all their trash at my new house as well as the storage facility.

Pros: none
Cons: they are ripp off artists that lie to your face
Recommended: Yes


Saturday, September 5, 2009
Left my things in the parking garage and charged me $766.64
The company I used was ABM Van Lines, but according to their MC and DOT numbers, they go by the name, "ASAP Relocations."

My online quote was for $305.00 because I was getting a 5% discount; without the discount, it was going to be $320. I told the sales rep, "P," that I needed my dishes, small appliances (i.e., toaster, griddle, etc), and pots and pans packed because I did not have the necessary packing supplies. I listed my furniture for "P" and I asked "P" repeatedly if it was extra to pack my dishes, and she said it was not because the movers go by amount of time. She also told me that shrink wrap, bubble wrap, moving pads, and packing tape were included in the price.

She also told me that Double Drive Time would not apply because my move was only 3.69 miles in total.

I asked "P" for an "overestimate" - if the move would realistically cost more than $305; she said it shouldn't. Regardless, I was prepared to pay around $500.00 for any additional charges.

On the day of the move, the movers showed up on time. After going through the contract and finding out that the mover "required" the use of additional boxes (which ended up costing over $100.00), he wanted me to set my Not to Exceed Limit as $800.00. He also wanted to charge me Double Drive Time. I told him that the move really should not take 7 hours, as he estimated, and that his office told me Double Drive Time would not apply for my move. In a false attempt to negotiate with me, he said, "I won't charge you for tape." I replied, "You're already not charging me for tape because it's included in my contract."

We finally decided on a Not to Exceed of $600.00, and they started moving my things at 9am.

After approximately 5 hours of packing, the foreman told me that they were going to run out of time. He said if this happened, they would put all my things in storage. I felt trapped and hesitantly asked to set my Not to Exceed Limit at $800.00, which is what he originally wanted.

After 6 hours, my 1 bedroom apartment was finally packed up and ready to go to my new apartment.

After arriving at my new apartment, the mover asked for the $800.00 up front. I wanted to think about it, and he brushed me off, saying he didn't mean to be cruel but said they were on a time limit and didn't have time to discuss it. I asked if I could pay it on credit card because I didn't have enough cash. He said no. I paid $400 in cash and $400 on my credit card, and I asked him to indicate on the contract that none of the cash was to be his tip. He told me they don't indicate it on their contract.

After 2 hours of moving my boxes and several small furniture items into my new apartment, the mover told me they were going to run out of time again, and they needed me to sign a new contract for a Not to Exceed Limit of $1000.00. I spoke to the dispatcher, who told me that his men would not work for free, and that I had to sign the new contract. I said no. The movers then left my belongings in the parking garage of my new building. I have photos of this.

I asked the mover for the first contract I signed for $600.00, and he said no. I said that my signature is on it, and I am entitled to a copy. He still refused. I asked him for the names of the people I had spoken to on the phone, but he claimed that he couldn't remember their names.

I paid them $766.64 in total because i got a small "refund" from my $800.00.

Pros: On time..that's about it
Cons: Everything else
Recommended: Yes
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