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Indianapolis Veterinary Medical - James Speiser DVM

5425 Victory Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46203
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This business is categorized as a Veterinarian business. Indianapolis Veterinary Medical - James Speiser DVM is located in Indianapolis. They can be contacted by calling (317) 782-4484 . They have a total of 2 reviews, 1 positive review and 1 negative review.
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Friday, July 16, 2010
This is a 1st class team of caring professionals from the front desk to the emergency room. Two years ago our local vet referred us to IVEC when our 6 year old pug named Kobe suddenly became extremely ill. The IVEC Team wasted no time in admitting our little guy to start examining him and running tests to find out what was causing him to feel so bad. They kept our little guy overnight and the next morning we received a call from the phenomenal Dr. Speiser. Dr. Speiser informed us that our pug had a very severe case of pancreatitis and recommended a very complex surgery in which he would personally perform which consisted of inserting a feeding tube to bypass the pancreas so we would be able to continue feeding him without further irritating his pancreas. Dr. Speiser was very honest and open with us about the complexity of this surgery and provided us with a estimate over the phone. At this time, we had no other options for our little guy - If you google canine pancreatitis it is often fatal. Once we provided Dr. Speiser with our approval over the phone he scheduled our little guy right away. That evening we received the call from Dr. Speiser that our little guy made it through the surgery and it was successful. They actually kept him for a few extra days and then sent him home for the continued home care and scheduled liquid feedings. As a result of the pancreatitis, our little guy developed diabetes which is common. Not only did the wonderful IVEC team save our little guys life by performing a life saving surgery, but the wonderful Dr. Laura Smith has continued to to work with my wife and I to help us keep our little guys diabetes under control so he can continue to lead a healthy life. Dr. Smith provides us with monthly feedback on our guys glucose curves and always takes her time in addressing any questions we may have. Dr. Speiser, Dr. Laura Smith and the rest of the IVEC Team have so much passion for providing the ultimate care for each and every animal that comes through the IVEC doors.
Price Range: $1 - $5
Recommended: Yes


Monday, September 7, 2009
IVEC Indianapolis Veterinary Emergency Center, Victory Dr., south-side: AVOID THIS PLACE! I agree with the many others who have had terrible experiences here. Check other review web sites to see a litany of complaints and very bad reviews. -see also: "IVEC" and "Indianapolis Veterinary Referral" In my opinion, they were EXTREMELY SLOW. They made us wait over 15 minutes with an emergency situation, though they didn't seem busy. The vet was inexperienced, had a condescending, aloof attitude, and seemed more interested in running up our bill. The geeky boy working the cash register argued with me and literally flung the pen and paperwork at me. (it seems crass and stupid to further agitate angry customers) And the prices here are terrible! The Better Business Bureau letter that they have in their lobby refers to "Indianapolis Veterinary Referral" for some reason, not "IVEC" which is strange. If you need to file a complaint with the Better ...

Recommended: Yes
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Primary Phone: (317) 782-4484