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Subscription Services Trade

15425 North Fwy 190, Houston, TX 77090
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This business is categorized as a Magazines business. Subscription Services Trade is located on 15425 North Fwy 190 190 in Houston. They can be contacted by calling (281) 872-6247 . They have a total of 2 reviews, 0 positive reviews and 2 negative reviews.
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Friday, October 28, 2011
Trade Subscriptions
I do not recommend this company to anyone. They are a rip-off. They call and call and are very aggressive . I contacted them about the $284.00 they took out in Feb and March. I tried to cancel and they said it was past the 30 days. So now I have paid $568.00 for 3 years o0f Star and Soap Opera Digest ..I did not even want the Digest as I get it from another company. I guess I am stuck paying almost $600 for 3 years for a magazine i didnt order. Do not buy from them!!
Price Range: $500 - $750
Recommended: No
Level 1
Saturday, April 3, 2010
Terrible Customer Service
I have had a subscription to Soap Opera Digest for yrs. Unfortunately, if I don't go online every yr to renew it, I get a call from Trade Subscription Services. They are an independent company that sells magazines for inflated prices.

I have had numerous run ins with them as they are aggressive, calling over and over again refusing to take "no" for an answer. I've had them hangup on me when I told them I wasn't interested. Only to keep calling again.

In Nov. 2009, they wore me down and I agreed to another yr of service. When I got my bill, they charged me $209 for 3yrs.

I complained and they agreed to refund 2yrs of it. I received $149 refund in Dec. Then discovered that they cancelled my account. So I have paid for a yr of nothing.

I paid $69 for 1yr with them only to discover later that I could have ordered it online for $29.
Price Range: $50 - $100
Recommended: No
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Phone Numbers:
Secondary Number: (281) 872-4758,
Secondary Number: (281) 876-4795,
Secondary Number: (281) 872-6247,
Secondary Number: (281) 872-4362,
Secondary Number: (281) 876-4786,
Secondary Number: (281) 872-3674,
Secondary Number: (281) 872-176,
Secondary Number: (281) 873-7631,
Secondary Number: (281) 873-7643,
Secondary Number: (281) 872-4347,
Secondary Number: (281) 873-7964,
Secondary Number: (281) 872-7524,
Secondary Number: (281) 873-9308,
Secondary Number: (281) 872-7546,
Primary Phone: (281) 873-930,
Secondary Number: (281) 872-4022,
Secondary Number: (281) 872-4786,
Secondary Number: (281) 872-7547,
Primary Phone: (281) 872-6247,
Secondary Number: (281) 872-7563