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Aldine Animal Hospital - William Grimley DVM

440 Aldine Bender Rd, Houston, TX 77060
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This business is categorized as a Veterinarian business. Aldine Animal Hospital - William Grimley DVM is located in Houston. They can be contacted by calling (281) 448-3256 or going to their website . They accept Discover, American Express, Visa. for payment. They have a total of 2 reviews, 1 positive review and 1 negative review.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009
New Owner as of May 30, 2009
Come on by and say hi to me, Dr. Briles, the new owner of the hospital. If you can’t stop by than email me at: aldineanimalhospital@gmailcom. I bought the hospital from Dr. Grimley/Moore on May 29, 2009. I apologize for the very rude, curt, impolite, acidic receptionist. She is no longer part of the staff at Aldine Animal Hospital. I hope the new changes at the hospital will make everyone feel welcomed once again. New items coming soon: Web page at www.aldineanimalhospitalcom; Free Science Diet Puppy Kit on first set of puppy vaccines; New lower dental prices; and New lower prices on food. Just to name a few of them. Thanks Dr. B

Pros: Lower prices
Cons: None
Recommended: Yes


Sunday, October 14, 2007
Love turned to Hate
The doctors are nice, but there is a very rude, curt, impolite, acidic receptionist there. I have used this clinic for years, since 1988 and before if you include the pets my family had as a child. We had several Bassette Hounds over the years and I personally had a cat spayed here. My cat had complications from this procedure and subsequently died, but I never contacted the clinic after this. (I was very young and naieve)Almost ten years latter I have become the proud owner of two dachshunds who have visited this facility for the past three years. I had been very happy with the services, until this year.
1. My Dachshund had a GI obstruction but this was not taken care of here, inspite of going to the clinic every day for four days. She could have died from the amount of time wasted, thankfully another clinic saved her. Like a fool I still tried to maintain relation with this clinic.
2. The receptions there has always been curt, rude, and I do believe she even took money.
3. Yesterday my Dachshund displayed symptoms of a slipped disc, I called them first only because of my love for Dr Aimsworth, only to find that I was refused service because of my confrontation with the receptionist there.
I have always been diplomatic, relaying my perception of events as they occured and stating that I may be mistaken, seeking feedback and advice. Even with the rude receptionist I never raised my voice, but I was not only ignored but refused service in a dangerous situation. My father who has used these people as well has been apalled by what I have relayed. My aunt has vowed to no longer use them. I was a fool to recomend them as much as I did. I was even brining in a new client when the "odd" exchange of money occured.
I know people will have better experiences here than I have. But I can never recomend them and will speak against them from my own experience. A long hard look at customer service needs to be made here.

Pros: clean, close,
Cons: rude receptionist
Recommended: Yes
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Payment Types:
Discover, American Express, Visa

Phone Numbers:
Primary Phone: (281) 448-3256