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Jennifer L Marcinkevic

1225 W Historic Mitchell St, Ste 212, Milwaukee, WI 53204
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This business is categorized as a Psychiatric Social Workers business. Jennifer L Marcinkevic is located in the neighborhood of Historic Mitchell Street in Milwaukee. They can be contacted by calling (414) 383-4455 . They have a single review on, and it's a negative review.
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008
I will NEVER take my child here again!
Our son was diagnosed with ADHD in June, 2008. Our pediatrician recommended counseling and an eval by a psychiatrist to determine if medication would be needed. Renew Counseling Services was recommended to us by other people that my ex-husband works with, so we felt comfortable taking our son there. While we have been happy with the counselor that has been working with him, the office staff and the psychiatrist that has been prescribing his meds have completely ruined our trust in their practice. The women running the office are extremely rude, can't seem to keep track of their patients' files, and are completely unconcerned with the privacy rights of their patients. On one occassion a member of the office staff questioned whether or not we were actually concerned with our son's welfare because he had missed an appointment. She stated that the type of medication he takes can be abused and sold, and said that, for all she knew, we were using our son's behavioral issues to get a hold of a controlled substance. All of this in front of a waiting room full of other patients. I've never been so humiliated in my life! While we realize that substance abuse is a growing problem in this country, that is a serious accusation to make, and completely unfounded. For every appointment he has had with the psychiatrist in question, we've waited a minimum of 45 minutes, only to be seen for less than 5 minutes in his office. He barely makes eye contact with our son while scribbling out his prescription for the next month, and we have serious doubts that the doctor would recognize us on the street. At his last appointment we checked in and had waited almost an hour when we saw the doctor walking out the door. The office staff told us that he wouldn't be seeing any other patients that day, and my son was left with no medication for almost a week while we tried unsuccessfully to reschedule the appointment. Needless to say, we don't recommend their "services"!

Recommended: Yes
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