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Maids Home Services The

1401 Northwest Hwy Ste 145, Garland, TX 75041
Maids Home Services The Mojo 3/ 5
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This business is categorized as a Maid business. Maids Home Services The is located in Garland. Services provided by this facility consist of Maid Services. They can be contacted by calling (972) 278-2551 . They accept Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover. for payment. They have a total of 2 reviews, 2 positive reviews and 0 negative reviews.
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Happy New Neighbor!
Ahhhhhh Clean!

Ahhhhhh Clean!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009
We have gone through so many different maid services and always
We have gone through so many different maid services and always have the same result, disappointment. We were about to give up when we came across The Maids. They are very professional, yet so friendly and seem to genuinely care about what they are doing. They take pride in their work and do such an amazing job. They are understanding of our circumstances and go out of their way to accommodate. It is a secure feeling to know that if we are not satisfied, they will come out and clean what was missed, again, for free. Yet we have NEVER had to take them up on it. Everyone from the office staff to the maid staff is so amazing. It is such a blessing. We take care of my disabled brother with immune deficiencies as well as my elderly father. So cleanliness and sanitation are not only a priority but a necessity. They clean every surface. Everything is so clean and it feels good to know it is sanitized as well. Best job by far, of any service we have tried.
I am always talking about the job they do and telling people to try The Maids out. I would have never thought we could afford a regular maid service. I have gone with individuals and big companies. It may sound expensive but if you have tried as many services as I have, you would know that the price is not bad at all especially for what you get. We have the house cleaned every other week. We keep it fairly neat and touch up things the rest of the time but we know that it will get a thorough cleaning soon.
Try it out. Initial cleaning may be a bit more but it is totally worth it. The time and stress we save, is priceless. By going through and budgeting just a little tighter, it became an easy expense. I do not know how we ever did without it!

Recommended: Yes
Happy New Neighbor!

Happy New Neighbor!

Thursday, May 14, 2009
What a surprisingly wonderful and pleasant experience! These
What a surprisingly wonderful and pleasant experience! These fine ladies went so far above and beyond our expectations, that words just don't go far enough.

There was never a moment when they were not individually working. I've never seen such diligence! Sweet, friendly, industrious individuals, we just wanted to keep them over for supper! :-)

Everyone in Rockwall is aware of the DUST we have here by the lake. I had suffered from very severe asthma and other allergies, and after their amazing 22 point disinfecting of EVERY SURFACE IN THE HOME, the difficulties breathing had all but ceased. Dramatic improvement from the hour they left! I am so very grateful to them for helping us in this way.

We had a fun time afterwards trying to find dirt or dust anywhere we could! We roamed around the house swiping tall cabinet tops and corners, and rubbing window sills. EVERY TIME it would come up clean! How beautifully thorough was this fine service.

After removing lots of stuff from under the big, king-size bed, and having to pile an endless amount of books on our window seat, so they could do the vacuuming under the bed, I was so surprised when I came back later. Those books were beautifully arranged and dusted! The same with the dresser. Piled high with things which had to be moved in order to dust, I came back to find the things placed back on the dresser, but in beautiful fashion. Order! They had restored order! So now things were not only CLEAN, but TIDY as well!!

We would not hesitate to recommend this absolutely wonderful company to anyone. From the grandest mansion, to the humble domicile, they can tackle ANYTHING. The entire time they are there, you will not see them stop for an instant. Four people for the duration, all working like it was their own home and they had a huge deadline for a dinner party?! Really, they don't charge enough.

I absolutely can't wait until the next time. It will be so good to have my new friends "The Maids" back, and witness the magic they do in our home.

Recommended: Yes
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Payment Types:
Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover

Phone Numbers:
Primary Phone: (972) 278-2551