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Bennetts Bicycles Inc

517 Jewett Ave, Staten Island, NY 10302
Bennetts Bicycles Inc Mojo 2/ 5
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This business is categorized as a Bicycle Repair business. Bennetts Bicycles Inc is located in the neighborhood of Castleton Corners in Staten Island. Services provided by this facility consist of Repairs, Bicycle Renting, Sales. They can be contacted by calling (718) 447-8652 or going to their website . They accept Visa, American Express. for payment. They have a total of 9 reviews, 5 positive reviews and 4 negative reviews.
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Products and Services:
  • 3-Wheelers
  • Accessories
  • Alignments
  • Antique Bicycles
  • Bicycle Parts
  • Bicycle Tools
  • Bike Assembly
  • Bike Locks
  • Children's Bikes
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Saturday, October 17, 2009
First Rate Repair
Art of Bennett's Bicycles was steadfast in attempting to repair the Mathauser hydraulic brake on the front tire of my P-38 recumbent bicycle. With the generosity of Tim Brummer of Lightning Cycles loaning otherwise unavailable equipment to repair the hydraulic brakes, Art was able to determine that the brakes were unrepairable. I strongly recommend anyone seeking competent, reliable bicycle repairs to take advantage of Bennett's bicycles on Staten Island. Art also built a new rear wheel for me and replaced my freewheel so that now the bike performs like it is brand new.

Pros: Reliable, Competent, Steadfast
Cons: Parking
Recommended: Yes


Thursday, June 11, 2009
This has got to be the WORST shopping experience ever. DO NOT GO THERE. It is pretty obvious that they don't care about the customer whatsoever. I wanted a bike that wasn't at the store and they called Trek to place the order. One of the salesman (Sean) told me it costs $479 and later who I believe may be the owner said $469. Sean tells me I will have to pay for shipping. When I say, "I have to pay for shipping?????!" the owner says, "She doesn't have to pay for shipping." I ask what the total will be after tax and Sean asks me what the sales rate is. Then he punches in some numbers and tells me $510 which is the number he wrote on the sales slip. I asked if I needed to put down a deposit and Sean asks me if I'll be paying cash or credit. Before I answer he says if I pay by credit card each time they swipe the card they'd charge me tax!!! I should have just left the store at this point but this is the only shop on Staten island that carries trek. I paid the deposit in cash and asked Sean if he'd be calling me when the bike arrives. He says, "What's today? Thursday? It should be here around Tuesday but I guess I'll call you when it gets here since I have your number." I left the store unhappy and about 10 minutes later went back asking to cancel the order. Sean asks me why and I told me I changed my mind. He tells the owner and he yells, "OK but you have to pay us 20% of the total." Their reason was once they place an order with Trek, Trek will not let them cancel it. I really did not feel like losing $100 to these a**holes so I decided to keep the bike. I told them that I was not happy about how one person quoted me one price and another quoted me a different price. I also told them I did not like how one person told me I would have to pay for shipping and the other told me I didn't. Then Sean says, "So what? It worked out in your favor." Then the owner comes out and yells, "What do you want??!! If you had bought a bike from our store I would've just given you your money and told you to get out because I don't want to deal with you! But I can't cancel an order from Trek!" I also told him I didn't like how he just put down $510 without telling me what the tax was so I told him I want a new sales slip with the price of the bike and tax and then total. He pulls out the receipt from the register and as he's writing the new sales slip he says, "The tax is actually $40.57 so the total is $509.57." I knew that he had to have rounded off the number and honestly 43 cents isn't really a big deal but that's still 43 cents of my money that he tried to take by deceiving me. Don't help these dishonest cheating people by shopping at their store.

Cons: rude
Recommended: Yes
Citysearch User

Citysearch User

Saturday, February 21, 2009
Come into the Shop by Bennetts B. at InsiderPages
All of the reviews I have read that have been negative seem to be suspicious to me. We would be more then happy to help all customers. We have been in business for over 100 years and work with pride.

Recommended: Yes
Citysearch User

Citysearch User

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Bennett's Bikes by Repeat C. at InsiderPages
I have purchased my MT bike and my Road bike from this store. No complaints. The mechanics know what they are doing and they are easy to deal with. Prices are below list so I am happy.

Recommended: Yes
Citysearch User

Citysearch User

Friday, October 3, 2008
Buyer Beware!!!!!!!!!!! by Joe K. at InsiderPages
I bought a bike from this theif! I went home and started riding it around town, the gears shifted sloppy, and I kept hearing a whoosh noise from the front and back wheels. I brought the bike in and got the run around my service guy is not here, come back later , There is nothing wrong with the bike, you just have to get used to it.

I was so angry that I started viewing tutorials online and learned how to fix the bike myself. What did I discover? The rear derailleur needed adjusting, the handlebars were 3 too high, the brakes were installed incorrectly, both wheels were OUT OF TRUE.

I may as well have purchased a bike from walmart and had an amateur assemble it! Look elsewhere, this guy is a scammer.

Recommended: Yes
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Payment Types:
Visa, American Express

Phone Numbers:
Primary Phone: (718) 447-8652