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Santa Isabel Church

918 S Soto St, Los Angeles, CA 90023
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This business is categorized as a Religious Organizations business. Santa Isabel Church is located in the neighborhood of Boyle Heights Los Angeles in Los Angeles. They can be contacted by calling (323) 268-4065 . They have a total of 2 reviews, 1 positive review and 1 negative review.
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Friday, February 4, 2011
A shame
God's house cannot be better than any other one as they are all the same, a place to worship Our Lord Jesus Christ. Too bad that this church's pastor has no shame nor remorse for his own bad actions, unfortunately it needs better priests that have much more higher education and knowledge of being humble. The MSPs did not lift this church it takes a PASTOR of CHARACTER AND CHARISMA as the former PASTOR that passed away in foreign lands, may he RIP as he proved to God how much HIS MISSION was ACCOMPLISHED. The new Pastor should learn from example like our former pastor.
Price Range: $1 - $5
Recommended: No
Level 1
Sunday, June 7, 2009
St. Isabel Church
By far one of the best churches in the Los Angeles area. Since being handled by the Missionaries Servants of the Word, the church has developed an atmosphere that can only be felt once you step into that church. The church maintains many traditions some of which have been forgotten long ago even in those places from where such traditions came from. It is definitely a must stop especially for the chapel that has been designed for the Holy Sacrament. The chapel has been built especially for such purposes and has become the center of the church itself.
Pros: The church is regarded as one of the best to promote retreats. Every year a retreat for more than 3000 youth is prepared. For parents as well the day following the retreat for the youth.<br />
Cons: Many feel that the church being right in front of the very busy streets of Soto and Whittier, many times distracts the faithful from sirens blowing their scream and cars disturbing the faithfuls quiet moments.
Price Range: $1 - $5
Recommended: Yes
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Phone Numbers:
Primary Phone: (323) 268-4065